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Mixer Grinder

Mixer grinders are a kitchen tool used to mix, chop, and ground food components. These are comprised of a base unit with a motor, a blade assembly, and a jar for mixing and grinding food. Additional attachments for juicing, shredding, and other food preparation chores are available for several machines. These appliances provide many different dish preparation methods, such as whipping and mixing liquids. For example, you can knead dough to make pastries and breads. To make salsa, you can also mince herbs and spices. Mixer grinders can also grind meat to make sausages and burger patties.

Product Image (1.0 HP )

Dryer Machine 1.0 HP (Tilting)

Price: 53500 INR/Piece

Dryer Machine uses to Remove Extra oil & Water (Ex. Potato, Slice, Namkeen, Wet Dal etc.)

Product Image (30 Ltr)

Sonar Spiral Mixer 30 Ltr.

Price: 125000 INR/Piece

Sonar Spiral Mixer are comes in a 30Ltr capacity.

Product Image (1.5 HP)

Dryer Machine 1.5 HP (Tilting)

Price: 65500 INR/Piece

Dryer Machine Uses tp Remove Extra Oil & Water (Ex. Potato Slice, Namkeen, Wet Dal etc.)

Product Image (10 HP)

Stone Grinder Machine

Price: 125000 INR/Piece

Stone Grinder 10 HP With 135-140 Kg Capacity

Product Image (SS 18x18)

Coating Pan / Flavoring Pan Machine

Price: 59500 INR/Piece

Coating pan is used to coating makhana ,chana and Other

Product Image (1.0 HP)

Vegetable Chopping Machine

Price: 29990 INR/Piece

Vegetable Chopping machine is used to chopping Cutting Vegetables

Product Image (Mixer Grinder 5 Ltr )

Commercial Mixer Grinder

Price: 29990 INR/Piece
Product Image (0.5 HP)

Heavy Duty Mixer Grinder

Price: 15990 INR/Piece

Sonar Heavy Duty Mixer Grinder 0.5 hp Motor

Product Image (15 ltr )

Tilting Heavy Duty Mixer Machine

Price: 39990.00 INR/Piece

Heavy Duty Mixer Machine specially used for gravy of all vegetable, wet and dry grinding of grains and nut grinding.

Product Image (0.25 HP)

Garlic Peeler

Price: 24500 INR/Piece

Garlic Peeler 0.25 HP Machine With 10-12 KG per hour Capacity.

Product Image (1.0 HP)

Cabbage Cutter

Price: 35500 INR/Piece

Cabbage Cutter 1.0 HP With 150-200 KG per Hour Capacity.

Product Image (20 W)

paste Filling Machine 20 W

Price: 79500 INR/Piece

Paste Filling Machine 20 W With 200 V Voltage.

Product Image (10 Ltr.)

Heavy Duty Mixer Grinder 10 Ltr.

Price: 29990 INR/Piece

Heavy Duty mixer Machine Specially used For Gravy of all type Vegetable , wet and Dry Grinding of Grain and Nut Grinding (Kaju-Katri) etc.