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Oil Press Machine

Oil press machines apply high pressure and heat to squeeze the oils out of a plant product. These are a tool that transforms raw materials into finished goods using an external force. Oil press machines can extract oil from vegetables, nuts, leafy plants, fruits and seeds.

Flour Mill Machine

Flour mill machines can grind, mill and crush many grains, including wheat, rice, and barley. These grains are ground into flour-by-flour mill equipment, which is then utilised in baking and the production of other food items.

Grinding Machine

Grinding machines are an extremely small and effective mill that is simple to install in any kitchen. They have an internal regulator that automatically modifies the speed of grinding depending on the type of wheat grain.

Sonar Water Cooler

Sonar water coolers are effective and popular due to their superior thermal conductivity than non-metal cooling media. They offer fantastic extra advantages including increased overclocking potential, improved performance, a longer lifespan, and consistent cooling. Sonar water coolers are a dependable way to keep your drinks cold.


Sonar domestic oil press machines are used to get oil out of different kinds of seeds and nuts. They assist in pressing animal products and crushing oilseeds to produce edible oil. Sonar domestic oil press machines provide the benefit of having natural, organic and pure oil.

Mixer Grinder

Mixer grinders are comprised of a base unit with a motor, a blade assembly, and a jar for mixing and grinding food. These basically are a kitchen tool used to mix, chop, and ground food components.

Masala Grinder

Masala grinders are capable of grinding entire, dried and hard spices as well. These are a gadget or appliance designed for grinding spices into a fine powder. Masala grinders grind culinary items, such coffee beans, fruits, or vegetables.

 Wet Grinder

Wet grinders are ideal for making pastes and chutneys from grains and lentils. These are widely used in homes to prepare delicious cuisines like dosa, idly, vada, appam, and paniyaram. Wet grinders can be used to pulverise moist items into a paste or sauce.  

Water Purifier

Water purifiers provide clean, purified water in hand. These appliances can be an amazing solution. Water purifiers can also be a fantastic method to avoid spending too much money on bottled water. These are affordable, user-friendly and extremely simple to use.